The Big Mail Project

Welcome to the snail mail revolution.

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to send direct mail. Never fold a letter or address a postcard again.

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Our Mission:

To make sending mail, just as easy as email.

Merging old school messaging
with new school tech.

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How it works

  • Add your recipients
  • Upload your design
  • Press send

Mail will go directly to print and get folded, addressed, stamped, and delivered.

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Never fold a letter again

Leave the folding to us. And the stamping.
And the sending.


We print, address, fold and deliver all inclusively.


Send greetings from wherever you go.

Handwritten Letters

Authentic letters to make an impact on the receiver.

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Coming soon to mailboxes around you.

The revolution in snail mail. The future looks friendly.

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