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Traditional Campaigns

This is the simplest way to send your mail. Traditional campaigns range from one piece of mail to your Grandma or sending a 10,000 letter mailer to a targeted list. We’ve got you covered. Create your Free account and start sending your mail today.

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Campaign Ideas

Investment Realty

Schedule your mailers to hit at specific time so you can manage incoming calls.


Pick from our list of imagery to send out holiday cards, save the dates, or invitations.

Commercial Brokerage

Add to your digital marketing campaigns and create awareness around available real estate.

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Automated Campaigns

You have enough to worry about. Switch communications to autopilot.

Stay in front of prospects and automate your mail. Never miss an important date.

  • Notify your recipients about recurring services.
  • Wish them a happy birthday.
  • Send a rewards campaign.
Automate your mail

Campaign Ideas


Create a recurring rewards campaign to drive traffic into your restaurant.


Automate your fundraising letters or send thank you cards to contributors.

Commercial Services

Send out quarterly or monthly service reminders to engage your customers.

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Handwritten Cards

Enterprise features for businesses of any size. Introducing handwritten cards. Write a handwritten letter just as easy as typing an email.

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